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Cost Calculator

Cost Calculator

Cost Calculator is a simple quote/project price calculator which allows you to easily create quotes or price estimations of the product you are looking for. Quote and price estimation will give your client idea of the cost calculation your service or product is based on. You can use this  calculator if you want to make estimation of multiple products on same price. This Calculator will give you accurate and quick calculation. Like this cost calculator, you may also use Business Calculator.

How to use Cost Calculator

You can assign a value to each element (Quantity and Price) and it will automatically contribute to the total value by multiplying assigned item price with quantity.

What is the formula used in this Cost calculator?

Formula which is used in the calculator is as follow:

Quantity * Price

For what purpose this calculator can be used?

This calculator can be used  if you want to buy 10 same products on same fixed price (Just Suppose), then enter Product price and quantity of product you want to buy. This calculator will give you accurate results.

Things need to know in order to use this calculator.

In order to use this calculator, you need to know Price of any product which you want to buy or sell, Quantity of product. Simple add these two elements on required fields . This calculator will calculate and will give you accurate results.

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