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Annular Volume Calculator

Annular Volume Calculator

Annular Volume Calculator helps to determine Annular Volume, which is also known as Annular Casing Capacity. Enter the hole diameter, casing diameter, and casing length into the calculator to determine the annular casing capacity. Like Annular Volume Calculator, you may also use Degree of Saturation Calculator.

Annular Volume Calculator Formula

The following equation is used to calculate a casing capacity/annular volume between hole and casing.

  • Where AC is the annular capacity/casing capacity (bbls (barrells))
  • Dh is the hole diameter (in)
  • ODc is the casing/pipe outer diameter (in)
  • L is the length (ft)

What is a casing capacity?

A casing capacity, also known as annular volume, is a term used in oil drilling to describe the total volume between the casing and the hole wall.

How to calculate casing capacity?

The following example shows how to calculate a casing capacity or annular volume.

First, determine the hole diameter. In this example, the hole diameter is 7 inches.

Next, determine the casing diameter. For this problem, the pipe diameter is 4 inches.

Next, determine the length. The length of the hole is 4000 feet.

Finally, calculate the casing capacity using the formula above:

AC = (Dh^2 – ODc^2) / 1029.4 * L

AC = (7^2 – 4^2) / 1029.4 * 4000

AC = 128.23 bbls

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