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Oblique Cylinder Volume Calculator

Oblique Cylinder Volume Calculator

This Oblique Cylinder Volume Calculator helps to determine the Volume of an Oblique Cylinder. The oblique cylinder, is a cylinder where the base and its opposite base are not aligned. It has 3faces just like a regular cylinder, 2 faces that form the base and the opposite base and one face that forms a curved side. 2 curved edges and no vertices. Like Oblique Cylinder Volume Calculator, You may also use Area of a Kite Calculator.

Online Oblique Cylinder Volume Calculator

In order to calculate the volume of an oblique cylinder , we must multiply π (Pi = ~ 3.14) by the radius to the power of two and then multiply by the height. This process is very simple and quick.
You can also use the online calculator to get the oblique cylinder volume automatically.

Volume =
π × Radius² × Height
Radius of Cylinder= 22
Height of Cylinder= 10
Then volume of an Oblique Cylinder would be 15205.31 m³ .
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